tiphub 2.0

tiphub 2.0
Photo by Matt Ridley / Unsplash

I know it been a while since you’ve heard from us. We’ve been quietly and diligently building toward the future of tiphub and I can say today the future is here.

Before I get to announcements, I’d like to thank all the stakeholders who’ve been on the ride for the last 5 years. You’ve helped us grow tiphub into a thriving community and that community has become one of our most valuable assets. Thanks to the founders, event partners, foundations, investment professionals, supporters and everyone else in between.

When we started this journey 5 years ago, there was a clear need to highlight and elevate successful narratives and viable business opportunities at the intersection of technology and impact for African and African diaspora founders. We were focused on meeting and working with some of the best founders from all over the world and through events, programming, and partnerships, we did just that. We also focused on education. At this time, investing in social good for returns was a new idea and we had to show the markets there was a real opportunity. We built a great brand around educating and collaborating with ecosystem partners to support, grow, and celebrate amazing founders building the future.

Fast forward five years and we’ve seen dramatic growth in the ecosystem. Some of the companies we’ve worked with have exited and are working on their next venture. Some companies are still fighting the good fight and building day by day. Some companies have shut their doors but created an imprint on the ecosystem that will pay dividends for years to come.

There’s a gradual increase in capital going to African and African diaspora focused companies. We’ve always known the opportunity was there but we’re starting to see market validation from early-stage investors who are willing to roll up their sleeves and partner with founders to build great companies.

Ecosystem partners are growing in their impact as well. We’re seeing amazing programs focused on building the pipeline of founders, digitally literate employees, and angel investors.

Most importantly, we’re seeing the growth of a global community united in the same effort; leveraging business opportunities to create sustainable impact across Africa and the diaspora.

Even though we’ve seen much improvement and a validation of our values in the market, we still believe there’s a massive opportunity to scale how we support founders, create viable and valuable companies, and continue to change the world. For this reason, and more, we’ve added Modupe Odele to the tiphub team as a Partner.

Moe brings a significant amount of African startup transaction experience along with an impressive track record of working with early-stage startups, social impact funds, NGOs and FDIs to facilitate opportunities in the areas of gender equality, workforce development, and social justice. She’s taught courses on innovative finance at NYU, and Columbia. Moe brings to the tiphub team a tenacious drive for thinking out of the box and creating scalable impact and returns for multiple stakeholders. She will be instrumental as we translate our learnings and experiences over the last 5 years into tiphub 2.0.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be rolling out what tiphub 2.0 means for stakeholders and for our mission. Thanks for being a part of the journey and stay tuned!